Lilian Garcia Talks WWE Evolution And The Evolution Of Women In WWE

10.23.18 7 months ago


Lilian Garcia was a staple of WWE programming as a ring announcer and backstage interviewer for over a decade. Since 2016, she has returned to ring announce the finals of the first Mae Young Classic and first WrestleMania Women’s Battle Royal, appear at Raw 25, and sing the national anthem at certain special occasions. She also conducts in-depth interviews with many WWE Superstars on her podcast, Chasing Glory with Lilian Garcia.

After her publicist reached out to us, Garcia spoke to With Spandex about the evolution of the role of women in WWE, the evolution of the company as a whole, and their upcoming first all-women pay-per-view, Evolution. This conversation is below and has been edited for length and clarity.

With Spandex: Could you describe your current level of involvement with WWE?

Lilian Garcia: I do show up every now and then for special occasions, and what’s so great is that with my podcast, Chasing Glory, they allow me to interview the current roster. So it’s been awesome to get that access and to get these really powerful stories through that.

With that and with working for WWE for so long… You have a lot of insight into what it’s been like for people to work for WWE over the years.

Yes, I would say that for sure. It’s been awesome, to be honest, to see the evolution of it, I think – no pun intended for this weekend. But just working for the company as long as I have and seeing the growth of the company, my god, I mean, it’s incredible, the growth, and how worldwide it has gotten, and it just continues to grow. Every time you think WWE has gotten to the max level it just keeps proving itself even beyond that, and I love the fact that more than ever it’s being expected outside of the wrestling world. I think that’s what’s so great is that even for the longest time Hollywood didn’t really look at, you know, the company or wrestlers or anything like that for talent and now the Rock was one that really broke big… and you’ve got Batista. It’s just been incredible to see also some of the talent that’s been doing some of the TV shows and the respect that they get.

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