Listen To Some Bored Mets Fans Chant ‘Daniel Bryan’ At Jayson Werth

WrestleMania 30 happens in three days, so you’ll have to forgive the bored fans at Wednesday’s Washington Nationals/New York Mets game if they’ve got something else on their mind.

Following in the wonderful footsteps of the Oakland Athletics crowd that properly responded Josh Reddick for using Daniel Bryan’s music and the Michigan State Spartans team that co-opted the Yes Movement is this clip of Jayson Werth getting “Dan-iel Bry-an” and “YES! YES! YES!” chants. Because he has a beard, and because Mets fans don’t really have a lot else to do.

All we need now is Jose Bautista to show up and complain about how Werth doesn’t deserve these kinds of reactions.

big h/t to Vault of Varg