Meet Luchasaurus, Your New Favorite Pro Wrestling Dinosaur

Who wants to watch a dinosaur ride a hoverboard, do parkour, and throw a mean headscissors? Literally everyone because holy sh*t that’s a real thing you can do in real life.

From the YouTube account of THE DAREWOLF PJ Black (formerly known as WWE’s Justin Gabriel), and with a little help from 1/3rd of Lucha Underground’s ab budget Johnny Mundo (formerly WWE’s John Morrison), comes Luchasaurus, your new favorite pro-wrestling dinosaur:

Luchasaurus! Potential LU season 3 luchador Luchasaurus- taller than Dragon Azteca, more acrobatic than Mascarita Sagrada, more renowned than Famous B…

Watch as Luchasaurus climbs a tree, walks the top rope, and throws himself across the hood of a moving car. He parkours himself through people’s driveways, proving that I would probably love Assassin’s Creed if it involved more actual dinosaur assassins. Luchasaurus rides a hoverboard, which, as we all know, is both tricky and dangerous as heck due to all of the, y’know, exploding.

Does the third season of Lucha Underground need lucha dinosaurs? Yes. Does every aspect of my life suddenly need lucha dinosaurs? Oh my god yes. Do I want — nay, NEED — to see lucha mini Mascarita Sagrada grapple with a daredevil inflatable Tyrannosaurus Rex? More than anything.