Luke Harper Told The Disgusting Story Behind His Gross WWE Tank Tops

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This isn’t the first time Luke Harper has earned himself a With Spandex post regarding his fashion. Before we were concerned with his current look, and now we’re concerned for a lot more after his appearance on the Week in Review last Thursday.

Given Harper’s chosen ring attire and his lengthy career on the independents before landing at WWE, one would assume he owns five or six tank tops. At least. Or perhaps he’s owned dozens of them over the course of his career due to run of the mill wear and tear. Have a tank top, it gets dirty, ripped up, whatever, then you go and buy a new one.

One would be wrong, however, as the grand total of tank tops ever owned by Luke Harper is three. Luke Harper, giant hairy sweaty professional athlete Luke Harper owns a grand total of three tank tops.

You know what that means? The tank top, a thin article of clothing that hugs your body tightly. Clings to your skin. Probably traps your odors, adopts them, and raises them as stinky stepchildren. Luke Harper wrestled in a tank top for YEARS and never bothered to own more than three.

“If you’re a fan of Indie wrestling at all, you can go back to I think 2007 – 2008 and you can see me wrestle in CHIKARA. And you can see me wrestle in a tank top, and you can see me wrestle in a tank top that doesn’t look like the one I have in WWE. But it’s the same one … People don’t believe me.

“I have three tank tops which I wrung terribly, fixed them many times. I had people rip them in the ring and swear at them and I’d fix them. And they’re hanging in my closet now … always washed. So back in CHIKARA, I used to have to wipe the floors with them to get them to fall apart and eventually after so many washes the color would just stick, and I kept them. So a lot of people don’t believe me, but it’s very true. Ask my wife; she is not happy about it.”

If you’re having a hard time processing this information like we are then take a moment to peep Luke in the trailer for Mohawk, an experience that is also discussed on this episode of Week in Review.

There’s more in the interview, like who Harper went to for advice on his budding acting career, the genesis of the Bludgeon Brothers gimmick, and how his wife feels about his tank tops. To catch the entire piece head here.