Luke, I Am Your Fella: WWE’s Sheamus Might Be Playing Darth Vader In Star Wars Episode 7

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07.30.14 34 Comments

WWE’s Sheamus might be playing Darth Vader in the upcoming Star Wars Episode 7. I had to type it out straight like that. Let it sink in for a moment.

An article published in today’s Irish Daily Mirror is the cause of the speculation after pointing out that Sheamus — who has previously dressed up as the Sith Lord for Star Wars promotional tours — is in Ireland at the same time as the Episode 7 crew. It’s not especially weird that the Dublin-born wrestler would be in Ireland, but in a world where Batista is Drax the Destroyer in Guardians of the Galaxy, former wrestler Kurrgan is piloting mechs in Pacific Rim and The Rock is playing everyone from Hercules to the Tooth Fairy, it’s not a stretch to force two and two together.

The article:

Sheamus responded to the rumor hooking its arms behind the top rope and beating it in the chest ten times.

Sheamus Darth Vader

The Episode 7 IMDB page doesn’t have Sheamus (or his civilian identity “Stephen Farrelly”) listed as a cast member, but they also don’t have anyone listed as playing Vader. So here we are left to assume that Flashback Vader is the current WWE United States Champion. What a world.

And hey, it makes a lot of sense. Remember what Vader looked like when they took off his helmet? Sheamus is already that color. Regardless of whether or not the rumor is true, there’s only one WWE Superstar who should be playing Darth Vader:

Okay, maybe two.

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