‘Nothing Means Nothing’: Remembering ‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage’s Craziest Interviews

“Macho Man” Randy Savage was not only a blessed performer in the ring, he was a fantastic hand behind a microphone. A lighting bolt of energy, Macho could set a mic on fire with his interviews, and even the crazier moments in his promos maintained a semblance of truth. (You could have learned a lesson here, Ultimate Warrior.) From using props, to spinning in circles, to denigrating “Mean” Gene Okerlund, one thing you could never say about a Savage promo was that it wasn’t entertaining.

Savage would have turned 62 this weekend. Tragically suffering a heart attack while behind the wheel of his vehicle in 2011, the pro wrestling world lost an icon when “Macho Man” died. Let’s remember the method behind the Madness by looking at 10 of Savage’s craziest, funniest promos when he was on top of the sports-entertainment world.

Nothing Means Nothing

Well said, Macho.

And The Beat Goes On…

Here’s an edited promo where Macho spins around a few times and repeats “and the beat goes on,” even more. We miss you, Savage.

The Madness

Well, at least he admits that he has mental stability issues. Still, if Jake “The Snake” Roberts hid a cobra in one of your wedding gifts, you’d be quite upset, too.

The Mega Powers Shake On It

One of the gimmicks of the Mega Powers, the formation of Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage, was a hesitant handshake that signaled a real hesitation to team together based on Macho’s past life as a heel (i.e. bad guy). In this promo, they literally almost explode with excitement.

Your Mustache Is Crooked!

The price of admission on this one is Macho telling Mean Gene that his mustache is crooked, which is either a rib on Gene or just a hilarious one-liner from the best ever, Macho Man.

Cup Of Coffee

Props aren’t used enough in wrestling interviews these days, but Macho wasn’t afraid to throw a prop or two into his promos. (See: the next two promos.) Now, go and drink your coffee, Steamboat.


Pro wrestling is a storytelling medium, both in its portrayals of in-ring action, and during promos like this one from the Macho Man. Here, Savage uses a “candy from a baby” metaphor for his quest to become the WWF World Champion. Of course, that metaphor includes dumping candy over his own head because, well, madness. Macho Madness.

Crying Towel

Seriously, why don’t more wrestlers use props in their promos? Imagine if Macho became an NXT trainer and he had a promo lesson with the rookies that included using props in their interviews. The next batch of wrestlers to be promoted to the main card would be all-stars with various objects like kitchen sinks and rubber chickens.


Audacity. There. Fixed that one for you, Savage.

Who Hired Him?!

Who really did hire that blond guy? Where did he come from? Is he from the school of Todd Pettengill? So many questions, so much madness.

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