Here’s Marc Mero’s Hilarious Reaction To Hearing His Wife Was Leaving Him For Brock Lesnar

Imagine it. Just imagine. You’re married to a woman who so many people consider one of the most beautiful people in the world. Then you find out she’s seeing someone else. Then you find out that person is Brock Lesnar. What do you do?

If you’re Marc Mero — and most anyone else — you either take over a small country and use that country’s army to invade Brock’s farm, or you shut the hell up. Mero went on Jim Ross’ podcast to talk about a bevy of topics, including the end of his marriage:

“We were still married at the time, but we weren’t really seeing…I don’t know, it was falling apart. I remember calling her and her not answering the phone and I’d get very upset…Here I am assuming she was seeing another wrestler. I remember thinking ‘when I find out who this guy is, I’m gonna beat the tar out of him.’ When I found out it was Brock Lesnar, it gives forgiveness a whole new meaning.”

While the macho dumb thing to do is try to fight the guy your wife is dating, it’s probably best to lay low when Brock Lesnar is the side piece. Things might have turned out differently if this were Nunzio we were talking about. Mero says he’s able to laugh about it because he’s in a happy place, his relationship with Sable is okay and everyone seems to have moved on. So that’s nice.

The former ‘Wild Man’ also talked about regrets about his appearances on Nancy Grace after Chris Benoit died, his past addictions and his “Boxer vs. Wrestler” match with Arn Anderson which is the worst damn match I’ve ever seen.

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