Maria Menounous Did The Dusty Rhodes ‘Hard Times’ Promo And Won WrestleMania Weekend

There were many emotional highlights during the 2015 WWE Hall of Fame induction ceremony — Daniel Bryan’s speech for Connor The Crusher, Lanny Poffo inducting his brother Macho Man Randy Savage, Big Show vaping in the front row — but the greatest moment may have occurred during the red carpet pre-show special.

Here for your endless wonderment is Maria Menounos doing a spot-on Dusty Rhodes impression and quoting a section of the legendary ‘Hard Times’ promo, instantly becoming the most beautiful person to ever be Dusty Rhodes. Dusty standing beside her and mugging the entire time makes it even better. Although if we’re being honest, Dusty’s presence makes everything better.

Maria, you are forgiven for that WrestleMania match where you wore white pants and got tanner on your butt and it looked like you’d pooped yourself. We’re good.

Here’s the original for comparison: