Marks, Place Your Bets: Here Are This Year’s Betting Odds For WrestleMania

It’s 2015, and pro wrestling’s still not an on-the-level sport, but people are betting on it anyway, so here are your betting odds for WrestleMania 31 via Bovada. There’s some interesting stuff in here:

WRESTLEMANIA 31 – WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match

Roman Reigns -170 (10/17)
Brock Lesnar +130 (13/10)

WRESTLEMANIA 31- Singles Match

Sting -700 (1/7)
Triple H +400 (4/1)

WRESTLEMANIA 31 – Intercontinental Championship Ladder Match

Daniel Bryan 3/2
Dean Ambrose 9/4
Dolph Ziggler 8/1
Bad News Barrett 9/1
Luke Harper 20/1
Stardust 25/1
R-Truth 35/1

WRESTLEMANIA 31 – Singles Match

The Undertaker -350 (2/7)
Bray Wyatt +225 (9/4)

WRESTLEMANIA 31 – United States Championship Match

John Cena -450 (2/9)
Rusev +275 (11/4)

WRESTLEMANIA 31- Tag Team Match

A.J. Lee & Paige -350 (2/7)
The Bella Twins +225 (9/4)

WRESTLEMANIA 31- Singles Match

Seth Rollins -140 (5/7)
Randy Orton EVEN (1/1)

WRESTLEMANIA 31 – 2nd Annual Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal

Damien Mizdow 5/4
Sheamus 7/4
Ryback 6/1
Mark Henry 8/1
Big Show 12/1
Curtis Axel 18/1
Erick Rowan 18/1
Kane 18/1
The Miz 18/1
Titus O’Neil 25/1
Fandango 25/1
Goldust 40/1
Heath Slater 40/1
Jack Swagger 40/1
Sin Cara 40/1
Zack Ryder 50/1
Adam Rose 50/1
Darren Young 50/1
Konnor 50/1

WRESTLEMANIA 31- Fatal 4-Way Match

Tyson Kidd & Cesaro 7/4
The New Day 11/4
Los Matadores 5/1
The Usos 6/1


– Brock Lesnar wouldn’t be a bad bet to take. The Roman Reigns win seems like an inevitability, so much so that every bit of “Brock Lesnar’s not leaving WWE” news gets huge public coverage to try to offset it, but there’s a chance something screwy will go down.

– Damien Mizdow is the favorite to win the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal? I’d put my money on Sheamus because¬†he’s returning as a babyface and the kind of name they’d want on the trophy under Cesaro. Can you imagine seeing DAMIEN MIZDOW there 10 years from now? You’d have to explain to people what a “Mizdow” is.

– Somebody’s betting on Konnor.

– Fandango has a way better shot at winning the battle royal than Goldust? Oof, that’s sad. I want WWE to shock the world and give the win to, like, Viktor. That’ll show those a-holes betting on Konnor!

– Choosing to bet against John Cena should result in your bookie being granted direct access to your life savings and you being disqualified from ever betting again.

– I think the smartest bets on the board are for The Bella Twins and The Usos. They’re not locks, but they seem like obvious choices. The Bellas will¬†get a showcase win at WrestleMania one of these days, and The Usos winning would give WWE that “all the Samoans have belts and are hugging” confetti ending to Mania they might want.

What do you guys think? Let us know below.