Former WWE Diva Maryse Is Taking On Zombies With The Help Of Joey Lawrence

You probably remember Maryse, she was the gorgeous French-Canadian who held the Divas Championship twice and was way more interested in her phone than the fourth season of NXT. Anyway, she’s got a role in the upcoming movie XP-573, a World War II thriller about submarine warfare. Wait, sorry… yeah, I was thinking of U-571 there. XP-573 is actually about zombies, and it comes to us from the people at The Asylum, famous for making knock-off versions of Hollywood’s biggest blockbusters.

Take a look at this picture from the set, courtesy of Maryse’s Twitter.

Not my first choice for Sonya Blade, but you could definitely do worse. And hang on, Joey Lawrence is in this? Did Matt Striker will this movie into existence with years of “Tree of Whoa” jokes?

Director Nick Lyon has brought us such gems as Hercules Reborn (starring Johnny Mundo!) and Bermuda Tentacles, an ersatz Pacific Rim starring Linda Hamilton, Jamie Kennedy, and the special effects from the end of The Langoliers. I can sense your skepticism, just watch the trailer if you don’t believe me. Regardless, XP-573 looks like it’s headed for a Summer 2016 release.

In the meantime, Joey Lawrence needs to start making the rounds at Wizard World.