Matt Hardy Thinks CM Punk Will Be ‘Deleted’ In His UFC Debut, Whatever That Means

07.05.16 3 years ago 12 Comments

Look: I don’t claim to fully understand who or what Matt Hardy is these days. I still long for a return to the days of Mattitude, when I learned Hardy’s feelings on guacamole (loves), miso soup (is a fan of) and mustard (strongly dislikes), among other important facts. But there’s no doubt he’s doing some of his most, uh, interesting work in TNA currently as Broken Matt Hardy, complete with Seth Rollins’ blond streak and Andrew W.K.’s facial expressions.

Even still, though, TMZ appears to be doing a small bit of barrel-scraping when they hit Hardy up to ask his thoughts on his former co-worker CM Punk’s upcoming UFC debut. When questioned about how Punk will perform in the Octagon, Hardy, in full Broken mode, responded, “I do not know. I do not care.” When pressed for an answer, though, Hardy commented, “CM Punk may very well be deleted. [Losing] is a very strong possibility”—and then he ended by yelling “Delete! Delete! Delete!” a half-dozen times.

Oh, Matt Hardy. I’d say never change, but if you didn’t, then we never would’ve had this bizarre TNA run. And once you delete Brother Nero in TNA, maybe consider making the switch to MMA and taking care of their Brother Nero, too.

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