Matt Hardy Revealed His Next Career Move In A Dramatic YouTube Video

While he was dressing like Team XTreme was still together and getting his neck injured by Randy Orton on Raw, Matt Hardy started telling his own story as the Broken version of his character on YouTube. Now that he’s officially a free agent, he released an episode of the series, Free The DELETE, that points to his next career direction, and it really doesn’t look like that will be NXT.

In the short video, Hardy is shown talking on the phone to “the only two” who can “remove Zenith from my body.” He explains, “There are great, higher powers out there that believe in me, and if I believe in them, then I’ll have everlasting life, everlasting broken brilliance.” Broken Universe lore aside, this sounds like a reference to Hardy’s creative frustrations since he and his brother Jeff re-joined WWE a few years ago.

Hardy prepares a will and a cross and removes the neck brace he was wearing because of his final WWE angle. We don’t see how a Zenith removal works, but the episode ends showing that those “only two” he was talking to were — you guessed it — The Bucks of Youth. Er, The Young Bucks, Matt and Nick Jackson.

As of this video, it’s safe to say Matt Hardy is headed to All Elite Wrestling, and it looks like that’s something he’s happy about.