Matt And Jeff Hardy’s Return To WWE Can Reportedly Happen At Any Time

After months of speculation, it looks like we’re finally on the verge of Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy returning to WWE. They are currently embroiled in a legal dispute with Impact Wrestling over the rights to their “Broken Universe” characters, and they’re currently the Ring of Honor tag team champions. But that’s probably going to change this weekend.

In the latest edition of The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer reports that the Hardys are a lock to come to WWE, and their debut will happen soon. According to Meltzer, contractually, they can debut at any time, and the only real question is when they’ll show up and what brand they’ll be on.

There is also the issue of whether they’ll be able to use the “Broken” characters, given the legal issues with Impact at the moment, but as is the case with their current run in Ring of Honor, enough fans are in the know for them to enjoy the success and crowd reaction of the Broken Universe characters without actually having to lean into them too hard, or at all.

The Hardys defend their ROH tag team titles against the Young Bucks in a ladder match at Supercard of Honor XI in Lakeland, Florida on Saturday night, and on Sunday they are hosting a tailgate party near Camping World Stadium a few hours before WrestleMania. So place your bets now on when the Hardys are going to show up. And get ready to just go nuts.