McMahonsplaining, The With Spandex Podcast Episode 35: Swoggle

Dylan Postl

Somehow, we have successfully put WrestleMania 34 behind us. Brandon and Bill were in New Orleans for the week, and they helpfully recap TakeOver and WrestleMania for you — complete with all the piping hot takes that you both deserve and demand — before sitting down with Dylan Postl, better known as Swoggle, and formerly known as WWE Superstar Hornswoggle. It’s a fascinating, fun, memorable conversation, and it’s one we think you’re going to enjoy.

Swoggle’s own wrestling promotion, ACW Wisconsin, has a big show coming up on Saturday, April 21. Seriously, it’s a BIG show.

If you’re in the area, make sure you hit that one up, because it’s going to be a blast. Scott Steiner is in an actual match, and everything. Support Swoggle because he’s great, and support ACW because it’s indie wrestling!

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