Check Out Women’s World Cup Winner Megan Rapinoe Posing With Her New WWE Title Belt

Getty Image

Hey, let’s talk soccer! Wait, where are all you Americans going? Get back here! We’re specifically talking about the American team here, so sit your butts down!

The U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team recently won the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup, a thing I actually knew about because the Cup was held in Canada this year, and a lot of the games were played in Winnipeg. That’s not really pertinent to the story. I just wanted to brag that a thing of importance actually happened in my city for once. Anyway, as they’re doing more and more often, WWE sent the team a championship belt to celebrate their victory, and of course midfielder/media darling Megan Rapinoe had to pose with it.

You can check out Rapinoe and her belt that’s nearly as big as she is below…

Man, the Megan Rapinoe vs. Brock Lesnar title match at Battleground is going to be a fight.