Mick Foley Surprised Dean Ambrose At Raw With A Pep Talk And A Gift

Dean Ambrose is a delightfully crazy person who is about to go into a no holds barred match at Wrestlemania with Brock Lesnar. It really only makes sense that he would get a pep talk on this week’s edition of Monday Night Raw from another delightfully crazy person: Mick Foley.

While hanging out in the locker room, Ambrose got a visit from Foley who asked him why he wants to go into this match with Lesnar. Ambrose then turned it around and asked Foley why he jumped off of the cell during his famous Hell in a Cell match against Undertaker in 1998 (which, coincidentally, happened in the same city that Raw is in tonight, Pittsburgh).

I won’t ruin the promo, because Foley and Ambrose are much better with words than I’ll ever dream of being. But definitely watch and stay until the end, when Foley takes the crowbar that Ambrose was holding, gets ride of it, and gives him a gift: his trusty, barbed wire baseball bat Barbie. Dean Ambrose is probably going to spend the next few weeks of WWE programming walking around with a barbed wire baseball bat that he will probably use on Brock Lesnar, which is so incredibly wonderful.