Mick Foley Reflected On His Career After Successful Hip Surgery

At least part of the reason Mick Foley became a legend and a revolutionary wrestler was because, for several years, he was willing to take risks nobody else would. It’s unarguable that he worked a very unique and brutal style for a long time, and even when he wasn’t getting hit with chairs or going through cages, he still put quite a beating on his body.

For many years (particularly as Cactus Jack), one of his signature moves was an elbow drop off the ring apron onto the floor. Spoiler: that’s not great for your precious bones and organs. Foley finally had his much-needed and delayed hip replacement surgery this week, and it was a success.

He’ll begin the recovery process now, and while he’s laid up, he took to Facebook to look back on his career and he risks he took, and to talk about his hope for a pain-free future.

We all appreciate those bumps that Foley took for our entertainment, and as much as he inspired other wrestlers to take similar risks, it’s possible that this second stage of his life in the public spotlight will help show aspiring wrestlers that maybe you don’t need to take that many risks, all the time.