Mick Foley Talks To Us About His New Book, Being Kind, And Defending Virgil

When Foley agreed to meet up with us for the McMahonsplaining podcast, we were thrilled. It’s not every day you get to talk to a legitimate legend and one of the most recognizable figures in the history of professional wrestling. What we didn’t know is that the conversation would be so much fun, so easy-going … and travel in so many directions.

We spoke to Foley upstairs at Book Soup in West Hollywood, just prior to him holding a reading of his latest book, Saint Mick, for a few dozen lucky fans. You can hear the entire conversation on episode 15 of the With Spandex Podcast, but here is a taste of the wide-ranging conversation we had with the WWE Hall of Famer.

UPROXX: Just to say it Mick, you look fantastic. The DDP Yoga’s been rocking and rolling.

Yeah it definitely helped out. The DDP yoga, some better food choices. It’s tough, man, when you’re driving around Los Angeles it’s … what I had, I’m a binge eater, right? And I love the comfort foods. If instead of binge eating I was a heroin addict, and there was a sign for heroin on every block like, “get it here,” “right off the poppy.” To get away from a day driving in Los Angeles especially when things were kind of hectic and to try to eat healthy, it’s … man, it’s an ordeal, especially if you love the bad stuff like I do.

So what bad stuff that you’ve cut out do you miss the most?

Well I haven’t completely eliminated anything, cut back dramatically. I love ice cream and the problem is it’s anything especially if it’s associated with a good memory. That’s what makes it so difficult. This isn’t probably where you guys thought this thing would go.

No, this is exactly what we want.

But you’re tied up and it’s almost impossible to avoid it because you’ve got Halloween with the double whammy of the candy and the pumpkin spice stuff. And I like anything pumpkin, even before it became cool. I was pumpkin before pumpkin was cool.

You’re the original pumpkin hipster.

If you’re the original then you’re not a hipster, right? You’re an original, you’re not a follower —

Pumpkin pioneer.

I was a pumpkin “pie”-oneer.


As a matter of fact, [people] used to give me pumpkin cookbooks on the road, because they knew that I loved it. So to try to get through that maze and then jump right into the holidays where everything is out there. But it was two years ago when I lost 17 pounds in December. I was like, all right, if I can lose 17 pounds in December I think I can do this thing. And it’s just a matter of making wise choices far more often than not and hoping that when you wake up at four in the morning with a craving for children’s breakfast cereals that you stop at three or four bowls.