Mick Foley Is Recording A Christmas Album With Shooter Jennings

When my wrestling expert colleague Brandon told me that Mick Foley, one of my all-time favorite wrestling personalities, was recording a Christmas album with Shooter Jennings, a country artist that I actually enjoy, my reaction was amazingly: “Oh God no, why?” As we all know, thanks to the extracurricular activities of legends like Hulk Hogan and “Macho Man” Randy Savage and even a modern “star” like Cameron, pro wrestlers have a long, terrible history of thinking they should become rock stars. Mick Foley, bless his heart, has been an actor and author, even a hell of a philanthropist, but a singer? I guess it could be worse, like Dave Foley could record a scene with Shyla Jennings. Silver linings, folks.

But it turns out that I was worried for no good reason at all. According to ProWrestling.com, Mick and Shooter are teaming up for a spoken word Christmas record entitled, “Crazy Christmas,” that will have the son of Waylon Jennings providing the background music as the WWE’s most important legend of all-time (he was on an episode of 30 Rock, which is better than anything The Rock has done, even The Rundown) tells the stories that his 11-year old son, Hugh, has written. Just when you didn’t think Dude Love could be any more lovable, he brings us “Crazy Christmas.”

And that’s in addition to his upcoming documentary, I am Santa Claus, which looks absolutely wonderful. Short of actually revealing that he is Santa, Mick Foley doesn’t make a Christmas pop much better than this.