WWE Legend Mick Foley Fought The Walking Dead’s Negan At A Comic Con, Because Reasons

Here’s something I never thought I’d get to type: WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley saved Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles characters Casey Jones and April O’Neil from being murdered by The Walking Dead‘s Negan by shoving a sock down his throat during a cosplay wrestling show at the Paradise City Comic Con.

In the clip, Negan (who looks especially haggard, possibly due to what people have been telling him about the last two seasons of his show) tries to bash in Casey Jones’ brains, presumably for not being Stephen Amell, while the Suicide Girl version of April watches. Foley intervenes for reasons I’m sure make sense if you follow Florida Supercon Cosplay Wrestling’s weekly shows on the Florida Supercon Cosplay Wrestling Network, leading to Negan getting Lucille gently broken over his head and taking a pin.

Random observations:

  • the next time we make a TMNT movie, can April O’Neil have a bunch of tattoos?
  • also in that film, can Mick Foley save April from Bebop and Rocksteady and get Brogue Kicked by Sheamus?
  • how great would this clip be if after everyone was done hugging and celebrating, Negan got to his feet with his skull busted open and one of his eyeballs hanging out?

Join us again next week, when I get to write about [Kevin Owens] attacking [Rocko and Heffer from Rocko’s Modern Life] until [Ugandan Knuckles] makes the save.