Mick Foley Used A Fanny Pack To Cheat In The Wing Bowl And Got Ejected

Here’s a story we don’t get to write very often: a WWE Hall of Famer was disqualified from a wing-eating contest for illegal use of a fannypack.

Professional wrestling star Mick Foley has been ejected from Philadelphia’s Wing Bowl eating contest after stuffing uneaten chicken wings into a fanny pack in an attempt to increase his total.

People following Friday’s event on social media dubbed Foley’s antics “inflate gate,” a play on the Super Bowl-bound New England Patriots’ deflated football controversy.

Chicago’s Patrick Bertoletti won with a Wing Bowl record 444 wings in 26 minutes. He edged 2014 champion Molly Schuyler, of Nebraska, who eclipsed her record 363-wing mark with 440 wings. (via AP)

I guess if anybody’s going to be disqualified from ANYTHING for use of a fannypack it’d be a pro wrestler.

Here’s Foley’s majestic entrance to the competition in a miniature ring, which should remind you of WrestleMania 3. A Christmas-themed, competitive eating WrestleMania 3.

And here’s footage of Foley cheating to win. With WWE trying to encourage the Patriots to cheat in the Super Bowl, what did you expect?

His reputation is truly tarnished. We can never think of him the same way again. The sanctity of the Wing Bowl has been damaged irreparably. Let’s all take a deep sigh and try to move forward, somehow.