Mick Foley Was At The First Olympics With The Undertaker, According To A New Age Talk Show

Because Art Bell doesn’t give a shit about workrate, pro wrestling legend Mick Foley went on a radio program called The Outer Limits Of Inner Truth to have his soul analyzed by an astrologer and four psychic mediums. If you read any part of that sentence and went OKAY WHAT, I shared this with everyone because of you.

It’s everything you could’ve hoped for. A host that is SO INTO WRESTLING. Stories about Mick living past lives with other WWE Superstars and being at the first Olympic games with The Undertaker for some reason! The reveal that Daniel Bryan is Mick’s son! PYRO AND BALLYHOO.

The complete rundown:

– According to Stellas, Mick Foley has one of the most unusual astrological charts she has never seen. Foley’s chart literally suggests that great failure & hardship were in the stars for him but, that through incredible determination be defied fate & destiny and made it his own.

Yeah, that’ll put asses in seats.

– Mick Foley’s previous lifetime (before his current one now) was that of a woman in the early 1900’s who was severely abused (two psychics separately revealed this). Foley happens to be a tireless advocate leading the national fight against sexual violence and apparently this is one of the reasons why his chose to reincarnate so quickly and this era of human history.

I feel like you could probably care about women being abused without having been a woman who got abused, but all right. Let me try: Mick’s lifetime before THAT was in the 1800s. He worked at a jail and died when the town’s undertaker threw him off the roof.

– According to the OLIT Team (known as the Virtues), Foley has experienced previous lifetimes with some WWE Superstars. Daniel Bryan apparently was his son in their previous lifetime (the one where Mick was abused) together and AJ Lee was a close friend. Also, the Undertaker (Mark Calaway) and Foley have shared several lifetimes together dating back to the dawn of the first ever Olympics.

“Foley also used to know a guy named Brandon Stroud. They were roommates in New York City. One dated Trish Stratus and the other dated Lita. They got into a fight with the past lives versions of The Shield one day but put them through tables. Read more about this in my fan fiction series BRING ME TO LIFE, rated mature.”

– Everyone who analyzed Foley said they were taken back by how much love he has in his heart for people & humanity in general. He was described an incredible force of positive energy who has been and will continue to impact millions of lives.

Did the analysts confirm or deny his love of Chef Boyardee?

Here’s a link to the complete show if you’d like to give it a listen. To bring the jokes back around, is there any way we can get the Road Dogg and Billy Gunn to start analyzing peoples’ souls?

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