Fantasy Booking WrestleMania 34 With Mickie James In New Orleans

Last week when WWE put WrestleMania tickets on sale in New Orleans, there was a lot more fanfare than just a general announcement and publishing a link to buy tickets. There was a ring set up in the SuperDome and a handful of Superstars in attendance to talk to the media.

We managed to snag some time with the Mickie James who was extremely excited to chat, kind as can be, and fired up for WrestleMania 2018 in New Orleans.

WITH SPANDEX: Even though you are being pulled in all these directions right now, you seem so happy to be doing this interview!

Mickie James: I’m like Stretch Armstrong.


The female version, yeah.

That’s a good gimmick.

It’s cool, it’s cool. Although my joints don’t really like it, but you know.

So not a good gimmick then?

I mean, if I had a T-shirt, I might be okay with it.

I’ll make you a T-shirt. I’ll have it ready for you April 8th, when you come back here in New Orleans. Are you stoked for WrestleMania?

Yeah, I’m so stoked. I love New Orleans.

So tell me about that, because I want to dive in deeper into New Orleans and the vibe of New Orleans and how it —

Have you not been here?

I live here. I mean, I’m New Orleans to my core. I think that every other WrestleMania should be in New Orleans.

You threw me for a loop for a second.

I think every even-numbered WrestleMania should be in New Orleans. And you’re going to find out why in April.

I’ve been to New Orleans before.

But you’re going to find out how we do WrestleMania, though.

I was here for the last WrestleMania in New Orleans. I just wasn’t, you know, I was just here by myself. With myself. And it was fun. But I can imagine how much more adventurous it will be this go-around.

What’s on your wish list, your non-Mickie James wish list for WrestleMania?

Oh, man. That’s not fair. Did you ask this question of everybody?

I did. And everyone else said they want you to be in the main event.

Is that what they said? They’re so friendly, they’re so loving. They lied to you. They really did. Because they want themselves to be in the main event.

Well, then let’s get weird here. If you’re booking this, if you can, or whoever you would want to just see make a comeback, or, let’s just have some fun here, let that hair down Mickie James.

Oh, it’s already down though, look at it. I straightened it. Straight hair, don’t care.

Let your hair down spiritually.

Like as a fangirl, who do I want to see?


Like not the Hardys versus the Rock ‘N’ Roll Express or anything.

Oh, my god, you just let out a secret.

I mean, that’s just fangirl Mickie James. But people are going like, who? What? Who? What? Who could make a comeback? Everybody always wants to see the Rock come back. Stone Cold Steven Austin. Little guest appearance wouldn’t hurt anybody.

It sure wouldn’t.

I’m sure a vast amount of us would love to see the Undertaker, you know. Even if he didn’t wrestle per se, because he’s already had his last match, but just to come in and maybe tip his hat? Roll his eyes back. Wouldn’t hurt my feelings either. You know what I think we should do though?

What’s that?

I’m just looking at Charlotte with that championship and she’s trying to tie my record … but like a little tiebreaker?

Uh-oh. Right here, right now, in the WrestleMania press room?

Not that I’m calling her out or anything, but I am kinda am.

I just got a scoop for With Spandex. Mickie James challenging Charlotte.

I’m calling Vince as soon as I get out of here.

I’ll text him for you.

Thank you so much. I’m pretty sure he’s on the jet, but I think he gets his direct phone calls right through there. Why’d you save the best for last?

Because I’m smart and sweet and kind.

(singing) You went and saved the best for last.

Y’all that’s the real track, I’m going to cut that, I’m going to take that audio, separate it. Number one song on iTunes.

I hope so. That might be my only number one hit ever. What?

Hey, no, you’re a country music star.

Thank you, I try.