Watch The Crazy Finish To The Falls Count Anywhere Match Between Miz And Shane McMahon At WrestleMania

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Before we get to the finish, please enjoy this picture of George Mizanin interfering in the falls count anywhere match between The Miz and Shane McMahon and “putting up his dukes.” Quite possibly the greatest still image ever captured at WrestleMania.

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Not all Mr. Heroes wear capes.

Most of us expected a “falls count anywhere” match involving Shane McMahon would end with him jumping off something high, but WrestleMania subverted expectation by having Shane thrown from somewhere high … and still somehow win the match. Because Shane McMahon.

The fight went around the arena and through the concession areas, culminating in a The Fugitive-style showdown atop the camera scaffolding. McMahon tried to apologize to Miz for everything he’d done, but Miz decided to punish him with a suplex off the ledge.

You can check out the suplex below:

Unfortunately for Miz, he didn’t remember that (1) a superplex from a scaffold to the floor would knock both of them out, and that (2) when you cradle your opponent’s head to take them over for a suplex, they technically land with part of their body on top of yours. That was enough to cost Miz the match by pinfall, even though Shane was knocked out.

We’ll always have George.