More Details Emerge About The ‘Deranged’ Man Involved In The Shooting At WWE’s Performance Center

08.31.15 3 years ago 22 Comments

Further details are emerging about the man shot today outside of the WWE Performance Center in Orlando. The man has been identified as 29-year-old Armando Montalvo.

Via WFTV 9:

Montalvo told the deputies he was possibly armed with a knife, so the deputies had weapons drawn when they approached him, Demings said. Montalvo then charged one of the deputies, who fired once as he retreated roughly 75 feet, authorities said.

Demings said the Sheriff’s Office has encountered Montalvo before and he was most recently arrested on Aug. 4 for trespass after warning.

Luis Rivera, who works next door to the WWE facility, said the suspect was in the area two weeks ago threatening employees. “The crazy guy came in and was swinging a chain up in the air and apparently he came back today and got shot,” Rivera said.

Demings noted that the man had become fixated on a female WWE performer. Though unnamed, it has been confirmed that she was not present at the time of the shooting. His Instagram posts do, however, continually reference former WWE Diva AJ Lee.

Friends have come forward with more details about Montalvo prior to Monday’s incident, stating that they have long been concerned by his behaviour.

“He’s just a little kid, like mentally. He’s just a little kid, and he loves wrestling,” said Elvis Kalicharan, Montalvo’s friend of 15 years. “He’s been arrested multiple times for things normal people don’t get arrested for.” Kalicharan went on to say that he doesn’t believe Montalvo would hurt anyone, and that he just needed help.

TMZ has posted some of the more bizarre details of Montalvo’s obsession with WWE, including his visits to WWE looking for a job, and one of him mixing feces and milk in a bucket, which we won’t be posting here because feces and milk in a bucket. Montalvo is also said to have smeared his own feces and urine on the building earlier in the summer in one of the incidents that led to the court order to prevent him from returning to the site.

While it was noted that Montalvo had surgery earlier in the day, his current condition has not been released.

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