The New Day Went On SportsCenter To Make The World A Better Place

I’m starting to believe that there’s no such thing as the New Day being overexposed. They’ve been asked to carry whole half-hour segments on RAW every week. However, we still just can’t ever get enough of them. Take, for instance them on ESPN with The Coach. Where do I start?

– Xavier Woods calling for his trombone girl and the other guys screaming for someone to “bone him.” Sorry, I’m a child.

– Kofi Kingston still being a heel by rooting for the Patriots.

– Big E yelling random words is always great. His word of the day is “moniker.”

– Xavier needing to pay off his student loans by selling stuff on Shop Zone.

– The Olympics being a “weekend tournament” lulz.

– The plural for “unicorn” is “blessing.”

Anyway, just watch this. New Day is the greatest and I hope WWE rewards them with a showcase match at WrestleMania. *hint hint*

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