The New Day And Team BAD Traded Gear And Poses, And It Was Predictably Fantastic

The New Day and Team BAD have secretly formed the best new mega-stable in WWE. I say secretly, because they’ve never associated on Raw or Smackdown, but they’ve been weaving beautiful, entertainment gold behind the scenes. There was the time Big E and Sasha Banks rode around on a Segway while shouting “Booty!”, and who could forget The New Day and Sasha dancing to Seal’s “Kiss From a Rose? Oh, and somehow we haven’t posted this yet, so here’s Naomi and Kofi Kingston having the shoe showdown the WWE Universe has been demanding.

So, what could be next? Cosplaying as each other of course! Here’s The New Day doing their most fabulous Team BAD. I think Xavier particularly nails the essence of Tamina. I mean, I suppose it would help if he was also tripping over something, but still, pretty close.

Not to be outdone, Team BAD did their best New Day by hoisting Big S on their shoulders while holding the tag titles. Who else suddenly wants women’s tag belts? Also, Naomi’s Kofi Kingston face. Ugh, my heart.

Well, that was all in good fun. Now, everybody go back to being friends, being generally awesome and…

Ruh oh.

UPDATE: Uh, this just happened…

(Via SB Nation)