The New Day Vs. Usos Hell In A Cell Match Was Completely Bonkers

Contributing Writer
10.08.17 3 Comments

Heading into Sunday’s WWE Hell in a Cell pay-per-view, interest in the event was — shall we say — not at a very high level. As our preview and predictions pointed out, this looked like one of the most lackluster cards in a good long while on paper.

So perhaps it’s a no surprise that one of the two actual Hell in a Cell matches on the card would open things up to try to get the crowd into it. And it’s DOUBLE-EXTRA no surprise that The New Day and The Usos — who have just come off two straight (Smackdown) PPVs of stealing the show, first at SummerSlam and then again at Battleground (and again at Sin City Smackdown, for good measure) — would be tapped to do something especially memorable to kick things off.

And boy howdy, did they ever deliver.

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