The New Day Vs. Usos Hell In A Cell Match Was Completely Bonkers

Heading into Sunday’s WWE Hell in a Cell pay-per-view, interest in the event was — shall we say — not at a very high level. As our preview and predictions pointed out, this looked like one of the most lackluster cards in a good long while on paper.

So perhaps it’s a no surprise that one of the two actual Hell in a Cell matches on the card would open things up to try to get the crowd into it. And it’s DOUBLE-EXTRA no surprise that The New Day and The Usos — who have just come off two straight (Smackdown) PPVs of stealing the show, first at SummerSlam and then again at Battleground (and again at Sin City Smackdown, for good measure) — would be tapped to do something especially memorable to kick things off.

And boy howdy, did they ever deliver.

These two teams spent copious amounts of time beating the ever-loving snot out of each other, using spots that we’ve seen before that were aided by the cage, and spots that we never would have even imagined before.

It’s possible that the moment everyone will remember the most about this match is what will likely become known as “the kendo stick trap,” as Big E and Xavier Woods (with some help from Kofi Kingston on the outside) fashioned a tiny, corner-sized prison using nothing but the cage and, yes, kendo sticks.

And it seemed kind of painful!

But there was other stuff that was just as nuts in the match. Here is just a small sampling of all the wild moments.

Pray for Xavier Woods:

For the full story, you should really check out the thing for yourself. Oh, and spoilers, but the Usos recaptured the tag team titles after putting a chair on Xavier Woods and hitting him with a tandem top rope splash. Seriously, though, go watch this match.