What Rumors? WWE And NXT Stars Are Already Welcoming New Japan Wrestlers To The Company

The dirt sheet era is dead. Via la dirt sheets. It didn’t take long before the rumors of WWE raiding New Japan for talent became mainstream stories. WWE.com covered the story and it was quickly moved from dirt sheet news to the top story in wrestling.

It didn’t take long for WWE/NXT stars to hop on the wave and start welcoming New Japan stars.

Samoa Joe posted this throwback pic of him and Nakamura hanging out from Joe’s time in Japan. Just the idea of them getting to wrestle on NXT is making me weep a bit.


They should have been here by now….

A photo posted by Finn Bálor (@wwebalor) on

And also, he added a bit more fuel to the fire.

This is comedy because Sasha is madly in love with Nakamura. Sorry, Seamster Guy.

Asuka is my favorite tweeter, by the way, because there was also that one time she said her favorite food is soul food and I was taken to glory when I saw it. Anyway, she’s excited.

It looks like the talent is moving the story from “speculation” to “legit world-changing story.” Here’s hoping that the Rumble ends with the Bullet Club laying waste to everyone in the ring and setting the match on fire. Because Roman Reigns vs. Everybody seems like the worst possible way to go about things.

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