A Collection Of Backstage Photos From Independent Wrestling Event “More Than ‘Mania”

04.30.18 1 year ago 5 Comments

Whether you’re there in person, or trying to cover it in your pajamas from the comfort of your own home, WrestleMania week is hectic. When it comes to a WrestleMania in New Orleans, however, hectic doesn’t even come close to describing the week I spent in Louisiana.

This year, I had accepted an opportunity to become a Social Media Ambassador for WWN Live — an overly fancy name for someone who gets to post pictures of Timothy Thatcher being sad next to food on Snapchat. What was supposed to be a simple learning experience turned into an exhausting week of interviews, coverage of shows from five different companies, and what was probably way too many hours spent on Bourbon Street blowing off steam. What resulted was was a week of amazing food (when we remembered to eat), no sleep, some truly incredible matches, and some of my favourite behind the scenes photos I’ve gotten to take.

Since some of these didn’t get to make it to various social media accounts (and definitely not the ones from Bourbon Street), it would be a terrible waste to leave them unseen. Admittedly it’s a bit awkward to be both a journalist and someone put in a position to bring their voice to an official avenue of promotion for a handful of companies, so I’ve chosen to present them with as little commentary as possible. Most of them speak for themselves, like this screenshot of a conversation during Joey Janela’s Spring Break 2:

Yup. That happened.

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