New York Islanders Season Ticket Holders Are Putting A Stop To The Yes Movement

Lately, former WWE World Heavyweight Champion (and former wrestler?) Daniel Bryan has been more relevant in the sports world than in WWE. His signature “YES!” chant caught on in practically every sport, whether it was leading the San Francisco Giants to a World Series victory or helping the Michigan State Spartans celebrate a Rose Bowl victory.

Not every sport welcomes the Yes Movement, though. According to a report from Isles Blog, a group of New York Islanders season ticket holders have organized a campaign to remove “yes” chants from arena goal celebrations.

Since the start of the season, multiple calls have been placed by season ticket holders to voice their frustration with one part of their experience at Islanders games.

No, it’s not Brian Strait perfecting his imitation of a traffic cone, it’s not Matt Martin’s extended TOI. Season ticket holders are asking for the organization to put an end to the Daniel Bryan “Yes Yes Yes” Chants following Islander’s goals.

An ticket rep who wishes to go unnamed told Isleblog, “The calls have been coming in on weekly basis, asking to end the chants after goals. A majority of the callers have been the older demographic, which make up a large portion of our season ticket holders.”

I love that the crux of the story is, “Daniel Bryan has inspired the fans, and a group of important old people is trying to take him out.” Sounds pretty familiar. Way to be Team Authority, Islanders fan base.

Here’s a sad version of the chant in action:

If the “yes” chants have to go, might I suggest “you’re gonna get your f*cking head kicked in/clap clapclapclap clapclap clapclapclapclap?” It’s a little gangly, but it’s the aggressive sports chant of choice for the discerning Daniel Bryan fan.