Watch These NFL Rookies Cut Their Best WWE Promos

In case you hadn’t noticed the sheer jubilation from our Sports team (which is weird if you hadn’t, I’m pretty sure they heard the cheers from space), it’s football time once again. We can all stop pretending to care about tennis and get back to more important things, like imagining what NFL logos would look like on steroids, and scientifically determined rankings of creepy NFL mascots. Much like wrestling, we all take football very seriously.

Luckily, sometimes football and wrestling run headfirst into each other, like a glorious, musclebound Reese’s peanut butter cup with a delicious machismo center. Bleacher Report’s Stephen Nelson recruited some of today’s top rookies to get on the mic and cut their very best WWE-style promo while holding an old-ass spinner WWE Championship belt.

Some of the players featured include packers rookie WR Ty “Brock” Montgomery, and Brett “The Hitman” Hundley. The best part (besides everything) is hands down ‘The Jaboo’ Jameis Winston. You might recognize him from the downright stellar shirt his dad wore recently during a Tampa Bay Bucaneers game in New Orleans. The rookie quarterback channels his best Ric Flair, giving us trademark “Wooo”s and more bravado than any of the other rookies can muster. He also delivers some believably strong words to Rikishi for his imaginary match wherein he teams with The Undertaker (???). The match scenarios are pretty far-fetched, but whatever, Jameis. You do you, bro.

(Via Bleacher Report)