Let’s Reimagine All 32 NFL Logos As Professional Wrestlers

01.22.16 4 years ago 72 Comments

(These logos are the work of David Rappoccio. You can find him on Twitter at @drawplaydave.)

We decided to combine two of the biggest entities in sports –WWE, and the NFL — into some mashup logo gold. Several esteemed members of the Uproxx With Spandex community have banded together to serve this noble cause of choosing what wrestler matches each NFL team. It was tough. So many wrestlers fit a small selection of teams, and several teams just don’t really have a good fit anywhere in the lineup. It was an arduous process, and at a few points Brandon Stroud, our top wrestling expert, stabbed several people in the back, and Bill DiFilippo, who assisted with this list, tore our offices apart over who should represent Pittsburgh. Furniture needs to be replaced, blood needs cleaned, but we got our list.

The result is a mix of popular and hipster choices, of historical wrestlers and modern ones. There are far too many famous wrestlers to apply to just 32 teams, so if your favorite was left off, apologies. Let us know about it in the comments.

New England Patriots – John Cena

PatriotsThere are a lot of choices for the Pats. Any wrestler who is incredibly successful to an obnoxious degree. But it has to be Cena. Cena just wins. He’s got that swarmy pretty boy smile, just like Brady. Plus he’s from Massachusetts. We are all just so sick of John Cena and we all just want him to go away.

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