Here’s What We Know About Nia Jax’s WWE Absence

10.18.17 1 year ago 25 Comments

Nia Jax has been absent from WWE Raw for a couple of weeks. Why is she gone? That’s what we don’t know, but there is some new information about it.

There were some reports out this week saying that Jax had quit the company, but Mike Johnson of PWInsider reported today that it wasn’t true and that WWE sources denied that. Considering PWInsider is one of the most reliable wrestling sites out there, we tend to believe them.

The story from Johnson also noted that Jax wasn’t at this week’s Raw in Portland even though she was originally booked to be there. While not confirmed, a source told them that they believed it was going to be Sasha Banks vs. Nia Jax at TLC, but with no Jax around they put Alicia Fox in that spot instead. PWInsider noted they reached out to WWE for a comment on Jax and have not heard back.

Regarding Jax’s role on Total Divas, the PWInsider story noted that Jax was going to film material for the show in New York City on Thursday and Friday, but those plans are off now. What that means is that Jax is completely off the road for the time being.

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