The Fan Who Ran In During WWE Night Of Champions Is Going To Jail

When WWE announced that they were going to crack down on fans who jump the security railing during WWE events, they weren’t kidding.

Remember the fan in homemade Shield gear who ran into the ring to stand beside Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns before their match against The Wyatt Family at WWE Night of Champions? That was 37-year-old Oscar Ramirez from Houston. PWInsider is reporting that he was charged for “criminal trespass of a property or building with no forced entry” for the stunt, and was looking at up to half a year in jail. He plead guilty, and instead was sentenced to 10 days incarceration.

Let that sink in for a second. This 37-year-old grown man is going to be incarcerated 10 days because he thought it’d be funny to cosplay as his favorite WWE Superstars and be the “mystery man.” If you need a reason to never do this, here it is. A post on a sports blog about how you’re an idiot is not worth going to jail.

As you may know, there has been a recent increase in fans jumping the rail at WWE events and “running onto the field.” Dean Ambrose was nearly attacked by a fan during a Smackdown taping back in August, and Roman Reigns got smacked in the head with a plastic Money in the Bank briefcase shortly thereafter. Seth Rollins had a fan jump the security rail and walk with him to the ring during an episode of Raw a few weeks later. Martinez was the latest — and hopefully last — of these incidents.

Sorry, dude. Hope it was worth it.