NJPW’s Evil Is Injured And Was Pulled Off The Power Struggle Tour

We know that New Japan Pro Wrestling‘s ongoing Road to Power Struggle tour is also the Super Junior Tag League tour, but is it Darkness World? As of an announcement by NJPW last night, it definitely is not, because Evil will sit the rest of it out with an ankle injury.

In NJPW’s words:

EVIL has suffered a left ankle injury and will not participate in the rest of the current tour, Road to POWER STRUGGLE~SUPER Jr.TAG LEAGUE 2019~.

EVIL will be replaced by BUSHI for the matches in which he was scheduled to participate.

We sincerely apologise to fans who were looking forward to seeing EVIL wrestle, and appreciate your understanding.

Evil was scheduled in L.I.J. vs. Suzukigun eight-man tag team matches throughout the tour and doesn’t have a big match set for Power Struggle, so depending on the severity of the injury, this may not change NJPW’s plans for him for the rest of the year at all. After Power Struggle, he’s been announced to wrestle on New Japan’s next shows in America on November 9 and 11 and is presumably supposed to be in World Tag League, given that he and Sanada have taken home the trophy two years in a row. Light-up scythes and summoning fans up for the King of Darkness that he recovers before then.