We Finally Know What’s At Stake For New Japan Pro Wrestling’s G1 Climax Tournament’s C Block

08.09.18 10 months ago 3 Comments

David Finlay

New Japan Pro Wrestling‘s 28th G1 Climax tournament has so far been a mostly entertaining mix of high quality wrestling with engaging storylines, some based around winning the tournament and therefore the contract to the main event match of Wrestle Kingdom, and some based around personal relationships between wrestlers. The goofiest and least consequential subplot of the G1 has been that of C Block, the two-man, unofficial third block of tournament competition.

As English-language commentator Kevin Kelly has had to specify several times, C Block is not a real part of the G1; it’s fictional even in kayfabe. David Finlay and Toa Henare were, like several other New Japan wrestlers, booked as tag partners for tournament competitors for the duration the G1 tour, but were not themselves in the tournament. The two men were scheduled for a singles match against each other on the show before the finals at Budokan Hall on Saturday, August 11. Finlay and Henare dubbed this the “C Block final,” and started tweeting and cutting promos about the upcoming match based around this concept.

Henare did a “C” hand motion as he entered for the first match of the first night of the G1, and brought up the imaginary tournament block in his promo afterwards.

Finlay seems to be the main creative force behind this storyline, and has built hype for it in many of his promos. He gave it the slogan, “It’s what the people want!” and promised that there would be a press conference and a trophy.

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