The NXT ‘Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic’ Could Now Be An Annual WWE Event

Back in October, the family of the late, great, and missed-every-single-day American Dream revealed the trophy about to be awarded to the winners of The Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic during NXT TakeOver: Respect. It was an emotional, but fitting tribute to someone who made his mark on every developmental wrestler in NXT who learned about the art of pro wrestling under his tutelage. Now, The Wrestling Observer is reporting that this could become an annual NXT event.

The rumoured plan is to have Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic become an annual TakeOver event, most likely at the one that coincides with SummerSlam. Usually most rumours have me screaming ‘no, oh no, no don’t do the thing’ over and over into the void, but oh man I sure do hope this is a real thing. Tag team wrestling is my favourite wrestling, and tournaments are always a great excuse to try out new things and fresh match-ups. As Brandon Stroud put it when he covered the finals of the tournament, “It was wrestling for the sake of wrestling, for all the right reasons.”

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