NXT’s SAnitY Faction Was Originally Supposed To Be Entirely Different Wrestlers

SAnitY is currently the most fearsome (not to mention only) stable in NXT. The international stable devoted to chaos (and attacking Tye Dillinger) is led by Canadian veteran Eric Young, and features the Irish Killian Dain, the Scottish Nikki Cross, and the German Alexander Wolfe. They also have a completely swank entrance, and a theme song that sounds like a Primus tape being eaten by a car stereo.

But the idea of SAnitY was apparently around for a long time before it actually came into being, according to former NXT wrestler Marcus Louis, who most recently worked for Impact Wrestling under the name Baron Dax.

Louis was on the Pancakes and Powerslams podcast, and explained how the idea for SAnitY first came up in 2015, and it was going to be a completely different stable. (Transcript via Daily DDT.)

“Initially, SAnitY was supposed to be Sami Callihan, myself, and Sawyer Fulton. [We] were the the three people who were supposed to be SAnitY at first. I was told about this idea in late 2015. It was September 2015, I think, I was told by Triple H himself. He came [and said], ‘I have this great idea for you guys. We’re gonna bring you in as a trio of sort of like punk-looking people, sort of like Mad Max.’ And then it was supposed to be [Solomon] Crowe, myself, and Fulton. But he was like long-term, and it was a long shot already. So Callihan left NXT, and then there was a different talk. They were talking about bringing in somebody new to be the leader of this faction.”

Fulton would, of course, eventually be the only person from those original plans to actually become a member of SAnitY when they debuted in October of 2016, but was only in the faction for one month before being ousted due to injury. Would Solomon Crowe’s tenure in NXT have had a significantly different trajectory if he had been the one to form the SAnitY stable? We’ll obviously never know, but it’s fun to dream.