NXT Will Broadcast From Inside The WWE Performance Center For An Unusual Reason

Even though NXT has been on the losing end of the Wednesday Night War, ratings-wise, for the entirety of 2020, it’s still very much a hot brand with a diehard fanbase. But even though the show is currently broadcasting live on the USA Network every Wednesday night, it apparently doesn’t have enough sway to make Full Sail University change their plans.

On March 11, NXT will broadcast live from the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida, due to the Full Sail Arena being unavailable. How could the same building NXT has nearly exclusively run out of since 2012 suddenly be unavailable? Because Full Sail University’s 11th annual Hall Of Fame Week takes place from March 8 to March 13, campus-wide. Due to NXT’s taping schedule, this was never a problem in previous years, but since NXT has moved to a weekly live broadcast, it’s created the yellow ropes’ version of the Westminster Dog Show. (You’d think that a weekly, free, two-hour commercial on broadcast TV for your high-cost, for-profit trade school would supercede a meaningless Hall Of Fame ceremony, but WWE should be used to meaningless Hall Of Fame ceremonies by this point anyway.)

NXT is billing the March 11 WWE Performance Center episode as an “NXT Fan Appreciation Night,” with Triple H making the announcement inside Full Sail Arena after NXT went off the air. Free tickets were made available shortly thereafter and have all been claimed.

If NXT remains as a live broadcast, expect this problem to arise every March from here on out.