Opening Up A Can: The 7 Most Important Stone Cold Stunners Of All Time, Ranked

03.16.17 2 years ago 34 Comments

The Stone Cold Stunner is one of the most impactful finishers of all time and it fit Stone Cold Steve Austin’s personality perfectly. He’s delivered thousands of them to the point that we’re pretty much immune to their impact. Still, there are a few that stand out above all the rest. So, without further ado, here are the most important Stone Cold Stunners ever delivered. Also, a special bonus mini-list at the end because Internetz!

7. vs. D’Lo Brown – In Your House: D-Generation X – You know how outrageous and funny it is that WWE is so hellbent on making Roman Reigns look strong? Well, they did the same thing with Stone Cold in 1997 for a bit. He literally beat the entire Nation of Domination with a truck. They never even really got any offense in even though it was four-on-one. The difference between Austin and Reigns though is that this felt totally kickass and not forced. Funny how that works. Anyway, the most iconic moment from the match was Austin Stunning D’Lo on top of his 3:16 truck and D’Lo selling it like a million bucks.

6. vs. Jobber – Superstars June 8, 1996 – Want to know just how little the WWF cared about The Ringmaster and the early days of Stone Cold? Just watch this match where he debuted his new finisher. Neither Jim Ross or Vince McMahon even acknowledged it happening. Whatever happened to good old-fashioned jobber matches? Oh, right, that’s what Dean Ambrose is for.

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