Owen Hart’s Widow Has Denied Any Involvement With An Upcoming WWE DVD

According to the site that originally broke the news of an upcoming WWE DVD special on the life and career of Owen Hart, Owen’s wife Martha Hart will not be participating or endorsing the DVD:

Martha has since been in touch with WrestlingDVDNews.com, stating categorically that she does NOT support nor endorse the WWE DVD and NEVER will.

We are issuing this statement to publicly apologize to Martha for the undue stress yesterday’s factual error has caused her and her two children, Oje and Athena. We are also doing so in order to retract our previous statement.

The original article was updated to reflect this immediately upon hearing Martha’s response.

The Owen Hart DVD/Blu-ray is still listed on the upcoming release schedule as the site initially reported. While other members of the Hart family may be involved (there are a lot of them!), it should be noted that previous speculation that it was produced with the permission/cooperation of his wife and children is false.