Paige & Alicia Fox Got Into A Drink-Throwing Fight With Fans At A Baltimore Steakhouse

WWE Divas Paige and Alicia Fox were reportedly involved in an altercation at a Baltimore restaurant late Sunday night. TMZ Sports is calling it a “STEAKHOUSE MELEE,” which makes it sound more like a Three Stooges short than it probably was.

If you read the following and think “that sounds like something they staged for a season-whatever episode of Total Divas,” you aren’t alone.

A waiter at Supano’s Prime Steakhouse, Seafood, and Pasta in Baltimore tells us the Divas were grabbing a drink late Sunday night when one of the regular barflies came in and began harassing them by taking pictures and videos.

We’re told Paige and Alicia squared off against the lady … and all hell then broke loose as drinks flew from both corners … mostly margaritas.

Employees jumped in and stopped the fight … the drunk lady and the Divas were all booted from the restaurant.

Imagine talking heads of Paige and Alicia talking about how they “can’t believe” what happened, intercut with footage of them stumbling down the street in heels. Now imagine the scene cuts to Nattie and T.J. spicing up their marriage by posing for boudoir photos, only for it to turn into an argument. It works, right?

Anyway, I kept hoping the story would end with, “Team B.A.D. stood to the side of the fight, doing nothing.” We wish all involved parties the best in their future, drunken endeavors.

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