Watch WWE Diva Paige Teach Conan O’Brien Her Trademark Primal Scream

10.23.15 3 years ago 16 Comments

WWE Diva Paige hit up Conan O’Brien on Thursday night to promote the upcoming Hell in a Cell PPV. While she didn’t decapitate a mannequin a la Sheamus’ infamous appearance, she did get the late night host to go out on a limb and attempt something potentially humiliating… her trademark scream.

Paige describes her habit of screaming as “annoying,” but, in this case, it’s pretty fantastic. She tells Conan that it’s a very primal scream, one that comes from down in your ovaries. Despite his lack of ovarian fortitude, I think he still did pretty well:

I think my favorite part is Andy Richter’s attempt. Conan goes all out (ovaries to the wall??), but Richter’s might actually be the only “primal scream” you could accurately refer to as downright adorable. I mean, this is the man who wore an entire suit of puppies in the halcyon days of Andy Richter Controls the Universe, so that’s a dude who knows adorable.

Paige also hung out for an episode of Stream Coco LIVE! with Clueless Gamer’s Aaron Bleyaert where they played WWE 2K16. In the video, Paige describes the game-making process, makes the game version of her come out with an NXT title (that ends up being upside down), and then lays a beating on the video game version of Eva Marie. Check that out here.

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