WWE Hall Of Famer Pat Patterson Set A Hard-To-Beat Record On Raw Reunion


Pat Patterson set a new WWE record on Monday’s Raw Reunion special, but first, let’s set the stage.

Drake Maverick used a distraction from his wife, Renee Michelle (with whom he has yet to consummate the marriage, because of wrestling-related reasons), to win the 24/7 Championship for the third time, pinning then-9-time champion R-Truth. Maverick eventually ran into WWE’s specter of worms and bad clock maintenance, the Boogeyman, and was scared to the floor. That’s when WWE Hall of Famer and first-ever Intercontinental Champion Pat Patterson wandered into the room, kicked Drake around a little, and then pinned him with his foot.

Patterson’s championship win at the age of 78 now makes him the oldest person in history to hold a WWE title. That tops the previous record holder, the Fabulous Moolah, who held the WWF Women’s Championship at 76 years old.

Patterson’s reign as 24/7 Champion didn’t last, of course, as the next time we saw him he was on the ground having been pinned (off-screen) by fellow WWE Hall of Fame Stooge Gerald Brisco. Brisco quickly fell for the charms of the also visiting Kelly Kelly, who kneed him in the crotch and pinned him before running away.

We’ll keep you updated if anyone older than 78 wins the championship between now and 11 PM.