Paul Heyman Called Out God In His ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Video

A few notes about Paul Heyman accepting the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge:

1. It usually doesn’t count when somebody pulls the “I’m gonna stand here while somebody ELSE does the Ice Bucket Challenge,” but I’ll allow two exceptions: the Phillie Phanatic, because he’s a precious Jim Henson creation and his Best Friend doing it still technically counts, and Paul Heyman, because he’s Paul Heyman.

2. If you can spend the first half of the video looking at something OTHER than Luci Ford’s vagina, you’re a better man than me. Not that I’m excited to see a vagina or whatever, it’s just that swimsuit … that thing is pulled tight. If you snipped the shoulder straps it’d slingshot her into outer space.

3. Heyman calls out GOD HIMSELF and cuts a promo on him. That’s amazing, and makes up for him not challenging Missy Hyatt.

(I also wish he’d challenged Brock Lesnar, and that Brock’s ALS Ice Bucket Challenge was just him screaming, punching a frozen lake and diving into it.)