Paul Heyman Remains A CM Punk Guy, And Lovingly Compared Him To Steve Jobs

Despite CM Punk and WWE never ever ever getting back together, Paul Heyman and Phil Brooks are forever ever. Heyman recently went on the SI Media podcast to talk about his former client who is currently reverse-Lesnaring himself into the UFC, and had nothing but glowing praises for the 36-year-old UFC hopeful:

He’s a really driven individual and he’s uncompromising. I’ve said this before, it gets quoted back to me all the time, experience is the greatest inhibitor of creativity that you’ll ever meet in your life.

It is also the greatest inhibitor of pursuing one’s dreams. Because you learn in terms of creativity of what not to do, but in terms of pursuing your dreams you learn all the reasons why something will fail. If you show me someone who’s afraid of failure, I’ll show you someone who is not a groundbreaking, innovative, pioneer of a certain industry. How many different ways could you have explained to Bill Gates why not to go in the direction he went in his life? They just released a movie on Steve Jobs. This guy broke every rule in the book, every convention and he was unrestrained in his pursuit of what everyone thought was crazy. Same with Vincent Kennedy McMahon. He broke every rule and could be given every reason not to do the things that he did.

Those are some pretty big names to put Brooks up there with, but listen, whether you like him or not, the Heyman-Punk relationship is still one of the most endearing in WWE history.

Brooks is currently sidelined with a shoulder injury that’s moved his official UFC debut to sometime next year. Heyman confirms that hasn’t deterred him in the least, and he’s still moving forward and staying as far from wrestling as possible:

As of right now, ain’t no way he’s ever going back [to WWE]. I don’t know if I can make that same statement in the future. I know his mindset is there’s absolutely no way. As for his mindset where he is in his journey, I think every moment he takes a breath is one moment closer to his debut. I think the only thing that he sees in his mind right now, 24/7 he is envisioning the moment they lock that Octagon and the referee says ‘fight’.

Don’t worry, though. Even if he can’t train to turn that shrug emoji into a solid debut date, he’s keeping himself plenty busy:

h/t Fox Sports