Pentagon Jr. Has Left AAA And Changed His Name

It’s hard to argue that the biggest breakout star to date from Lucha Underground has been Pentagon Jr. (sometimes known as Pentagon Dark, if you’re into the broken back/candle wax fetish thing). Although he was a big star in Mexico before his run on the show began, his popularity in the United States has exploded in the past couple years, thanks to his exposure on Lucha Underground. He’s been getting booked all over the U.S. in the past two years, and has even been winning top singles titles in promotions like AAW.

Since Pentagon Jr.’s pro wrestling debut in 2010, his home promotion has been AAA, one of the two biggest companies in Mexico. On Saturday night, Pentagon Jr., Daga and Garza Jr. all appeared at an event for The Crash Lucha Libre. On Sunday, Pentagon confirmed via Facebook that he will be leaving AAA to become a “totally independent” wrestler and will henceforth be known as “Penta el 0M,” which is of course, a nod to his “cero miedo” catchphrase.

The translation of his post:

Hello everyone, as you know, today I stopped belonging to the company AAA and I become a totally independent fighter. And to clarify, my new name is
PENTA EL 0M !!!! And about the Los Perros del Mal faction, we are only waiting for the acceptance of the person in charge of the mark to see if he wants to continue to belong to this faction or stay in AAA that will confirm it

Then in these days I will live to clarify all your doubts while I count with your support in this stage of my career THANKS !! Remember PENTA EL 0M

Fellow AAA stars Daga and Garza Jr. also confirmed they have parted ways with the company.

Lucha Underground and AAA are very closely linked (in fact, Dorian Roldan Peña, an executive vice president for AAA, was just announced as a Lucha Underground executive), so it remains to be seen how this move will affect Pentagon’s standing with the company following the conclusion of Season 3 (which is already completely taped), the long and short of it is that you’re likely to be seeing Pentagon pop up on a lot more independent promotions in 2017.

… Unless, of course, you just want to start speculating now on whether he’ll be a surprise entry in the 2017 Royal Rumble. But I’m not sure why you’d do that!