PJ Black Came Face-To-Face With His Bunny Past During Lucha Underground’s Easter Celebration

How did you spend your Easter Sunday? Going to church? Eating food with loved ones? Lucha Underground‘s PJ Black (formerly WWE’s Justin Gabriel) spent his Easter at a Temple, superkicking the Easter Bunny. So, same.

If you weren’t watching during the dark days of 2014, current Social Outcast Adam Rose used to be a sort of strung-out Willy Wonka type who lived on a magical drug bus with a bunch of ravers in Halloween costumes. One of those was “The Bunny” — a straight-up Easter Bunny in full fursuit — who also happened to be curiously athletic and help him win matches. A lot of people were in the suit at one point or another, and some of them are now daredevil werewolves with bones to pick.

I won’t spoil it for you, but the scene unfolds in a way you aren’t expecting. This will (presumably) never make TV, but you should take any chance you get to make a hyped-up lucha crowd chant “Easter Bunny” and cheer a childhood myth being crushed by a springboard 450 splash. Do they have regular Easter candy delivery in Slamtown?

We hope this was an emotional catharsis for Black, and that he worked through enough internal issues to keep him from snapping on dudes in the middle of shopping malls.