Prince Devitt Has A New WWE Name, And At Least It Isn’t ‘Kassius Ohno’

As part of the Hashtag Next Generation, former New Japan Pro Wrestling and soon-to-debut NXT star Prince Devitt needs a new name. PAC became “Adrian Neville.” KENTA became “Hideo Itami.” So what can we call him? Burgle O’Shaughnessy?

According to PWInsider, the new name has been decided and is ready for public consumption. I’ll give you a hint:

Take it away, NXT Name Generator!

Fergal Devitt will be rechristened “Finn Balor” when he debuts for WWE NXT, has confirmed.

NXT is taping NXT tomorrow 9/25 in Winter Park, FL at Full Sail Live. Devitt may be debuting on that taping.

At least it isn’t “Bam Neely.”

The good news is that both names have deep significance in Irish mythology. Per Wikipedia:

In Irish mythology, Balor (modern spelling: Balar) was king of the Fomorians, a group of supernatural beings. He is often described as a giant with a large eye in his forehead that wreaks destruction when opened. He has been interpreted as a god or personification of drought and blight.

Finn Hudson is a fictional character from the Fox musical comedy-drama series Glee.

If they repackage Kevin Steen as “Jake the Dog,” I’ll lose it.